Power + Plyo Exercise Pyramid (45 Min Class)

Glad New Yr, associates! Hey it will probably’t be worse than 2020, proper?? *crosses fingers and toes, silently prays, cries* As we speak I’ve a energy and plyo exercise class for you. It mixes energy workout routines utilizing dumbbells and body weight plyo workout routines. Every time by way of the circuit, the interval size will get shorter in a pyramid construction.

And you recognize the drill! If you’d like extra lessons like this, they’re out there to Patreon members. 🙂

Power + Plyo Exercise Class


  • Set of medium weights (I’m alternating between a set of 10 lbs and eight lbs, however “medium” could possibly be something from 5-20lbs relying on the particular person)

On this class, we begin with a guided heat up, specializing in mobility and dynamic motion to construct some warmth. We then transfer onto our energy and plyo pyramids. In every of the 2 pyramids, you’ll preform 5 workout routines. The primary time by way of the 5 workout routines, you do them for 60 seconds every. Then simply 45 seconds every. Then 30 seconds every.

You get 15 seconds of relaxation/transition time between every workout routines. Between pyramids, you get a couple of minute to recuperate, however pause the video and take extra time if wanted. At all times take heed to your physique, modifying or stopping as wanted.

We end class with a guided settle down and stretch.

There’s some (minimal) leaping all through class. Low-impact modifications shall be proven on the display if you wish to preserve your complete exercise low impression.

Strength + Plyo Workout Pyramid (45 Min Class) - This workout class mixes dumbbell strength exercises with bodyweight plyometric exercises. Pyramid structure so the intervals get shorter as you go! Full free video includes warm up and cool down. #plyoworkout #strengthworkout #plyometric #workoutvideo #fitness

Exercise Breakdown

01:33 Heat Up & Mobility

10:03 Power + Plyo Pyramid Exercise

Pyramid 1

  • Rev Fly, Row Kickback
  • Overhead Elevate R/L, Bear Plank Row R/L
  • Inchworm Push As much as Squat Leap
  • Curtsy Lunge, Knee Drive, Squat
  • Skater SL Hop

Pyramid 2

  • Shoulder Sweep, Press, Shaper
  • Press Jacks x2 Lunge Press R/L
  • (RIGHT) Torso Twist, Squat Step
  • (LEFT)
  • Tick Tock Lunges, Leap Lunge

41:55 Cool Down & Stretch

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