Twitch streamer cash laundering scheme ends in police detaining 40 individuals

It’s unclear what number of, if any, streamers have been detained by Turkish police. The Submit reached out to over 50 streamers accused by Twitch customers of aiding cash launderers to ask in the event that they’d been raided or contacted by police. Just one, Alihan “deNc” Ipek, replied. Final 12 months, Ipek admitted to being contacted by scammers however mentioned he refused to play ball, prompting the scammer to donate Bits to his brother, “Valorant” professional Mehmet Yağız “cNed” Ipek, who confessed to pocketing the cash with out contacting Twitch. The 2 keep their innocence, nonetheless, saying the Bits have been donated towards their needs in an effort to make their channel exercise appear fishy to Twitch, placing them in danger after they refused to adjust to scammers. The streamers mentioned scammers threatened to ship numerous bits that will be flagged as suspicious by Twitch, presumably resulting in suspensions or bans.

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