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4 Killer Push-Up variations for explosive energy!

Superman, Spiderman, Med Ball, Cranium Crusher Combo (video shot with Dan at OSG)

Though you might be able to doing quite a few spectacular acrobatic type actions within the weight room, I’m prepared to guess that the primary ever train you tried was a push-up.  Easy in it’s arrange and execution, and the truth that the train works over half of the muscle groups in your higher physique, make the push up a gold normal for energy and an entry level into health for a lot of.  My 4 12 months outdated son has been doing push ups for over a 12 months now, and apart from needing a bit extra depth, his kind is fairly strong.

Now I’m certain you might be questioning why you’d proceed to include Push Ups into your energy routine when pre-schoolers are in a position to do them.  Effectively, that brings me to my subsequent level – the push up will not be solely one of the accessible workouts, it is usually one of the versatile. The usual Push Up is actually the identical motion as a bench press (albeit utilizing 60-70% of your body weight), primarily working your triceps, pecs, and entrance delts, along with your abdominals and serratus enjoying a supporting position for stability.  By turning the Push Up right into a plyometric motion you’ll be able to problem these similar muscle groups in a extra dynamic, explosive vogue, and recruit many secondary muscle groups significantly within the hips and core as stabilizers.

In the present day I need to share with you 4 of my favourite dynamic Push-Up variations.  Simply because these workouts are the descendant of that fundamental push up you discovered as a child doesn’t imply they’re appropriate for inexperienced persons.  These Push Ups are superior actions, however I’ll embody some newbie variations of every one to bridge the hole to those excessive variations.


In relation to Plyo-push ups, this one is the grandaddy of all of them.  Begin in a standard push up place along with your arms no wider than shoulder width.  Decrease your self slowly and as quickly as your chest touches the bottom, press towards the bottom explosively along with your ft and palms.  As your palms depart the bottom arch your again and lift your palms out in entrance of your head in your finest Superman impression. Instantly deliver your palms again to the beginning place and catch your self as you descend.  Intention for units of 5 with a 5-10 second relaxation between reps.

Energy Required: Along with the prime movers of the pecs, triceps and delts, this variation requires appreciable core and hip flexor energy, and good thoracic backbone and shoulder mobility.  As your muscle groups contract concentrically on the way in which up (nice for constructing velocity and explosive energy), a robust eccentric contraction, significantly of the triceps and pecs is required to catch your self and gradual your descent in direction of the ground.

Starter Plan: To work as much as this variation, attempt first breaking a Superman up into two completely different push-ups.  In the course of the first one you’ll push off along with your palms and lay your arms out over head along with your ft nonetheless on the bottom.  For the second, hold your palms planted as you explode up and “hop” your ft off the bottom protecting your physique as straight as potential.  After you have mastered each, it’s time to place them collectively and draw a large S in your chest.


Begin in a standard push up place.  As you decrease your physique, carry one foot and draw your knee in direction of the elbow on the identical facet.  Twist away from that facet barely so you can be nearer to the other facet hand on the backside of the push up.  Return to beginning place and alternate sides with each rep. Units of 5-10 reps per facet.

Energy Required:Whereas this type of push-up isn’t a plyometric, it’s an unbelievable variation for constructing energy and stability within the hips and glutes.  The serratus, obliques and hip flexors such because the psoas play an essential position in stabilizing your physique throughout a Spiderman. The facet to facet motion as you decrease away out of your lively leg may also create a better vary of movement within the pecs and delts than a standard push up.  

Starter Plan: A great way to work as much as this variation is to easily carry one leg up as carry out fundamental push ups.  This may permit you to strengthen the hips and decrease abs sufficiently for the Spiderman. As soon as you are able to do 10 unbroken reps on every leg it’s time to maneuver up and channel your interior Peter Parker.

Med Ball or GSP

There are lots of implausible variations of drugs ball push ups, however I’ve at all times known as this model the GSP, named after legendary UFC champion Georges St Pierre, as he was the primary athlete I noticed doing them.  Begin with one hand on the bottom and the opposite on a small medication ball. With out letting the ball transfer, explode up and over to the opposite facet, having your reverse hand land on the Med Ball. You should definitely “catch” your self with out hitting the bottom and hold the ball within the center as you go backward and forward.  A set of 5 to every facet is an effective beginning purpose.

Energy Required: Along with the Concentric energy and the eccentric energy required for the pecs, delts, and triceps (much like Supermans and all different Plyometric variations), the Med Ball requires you to recruit numerous muscle groups together with the lats and rhomboids to stabilize and hold your torso even throughout the motion.  The addition of the med ball additionally lets you go a lot deeper into the push up on that facet, creating an amazing stretch via the pec and anterior deltoid. B cautious although! Due to that decrease vary of movement you will need to catch your self and management the descent to maintain your rotator cuff protected.

Starter Plan: One of the best ways to work as much as a GSP push-up is to “stroll” your means via it.  As you push up, fastidiously deliver your far hand onto the drugs ball and punctiliously transition your unique med ball hand to the ground.  Decrease right into a push up after which repeat the method, strolling again over to the opposite facet. As soon as you’ll be able to carry out 10-12 unbroken reps per facet its time to fly backwards and forwards like one of many best MMA fighters of all time.

Cranium crusher Combo

I want I may let you know that I acquired this killer push-up from an excellent hero or champion fighter.  The reality is I made it up one time on trip whereas jogging on the boardwalk. Begin in a push-up place with a field (an ocean boardwalk bench will suffice) rather less than arms size in entrance of you.  Carry out a plyo-push up and catch your self on the sting of the field as you straighten your arms out. Conserving your physique fully inflexible, bend your elbows down in direction of the bottom as you decrease your brow to your palms.  Prolong your arms forcefully after which drop again down right into a push up. Units of 5 are a very good purpose on this one – as soon as I’ve hit my final one I like to remain up on the field and rep out as many cranium crushers as potential earlier than ending the set.

Energy Required:One phrase.  Triceps. In case your triceps are weak this one goes to be unimaginable.  Doing a physique weight cranium crusher at something lower than 45 levels is hard, and until your plyo recreation is so sturdy that you simply’re blasting up and catching a 36” field, then that is going to be fairly low.  Out of all of the variations on this listing, this one additionally requires probably the most static core stability to maintain your hips from sagging attributable to your palms being out up to now in entrance of you..

Starter Plan: The quick monitor to this monster is to grasp the 2 actions comprising it.  Work on doing a plyo push up the place you catch your self on a low field that sits in entrance of you.  You may even start by “strolling” your palms up fairly than leaping to get used to the angle. It’s additionally essential to be proficent (15-20 reps minimal) at body weight cranium crushers on the similar low angle because the field you propose to make use of.

Push Up Trivia:

-The Push Up was initially referred to as a “Ground Dip”

-The precise time period “push-up” first appeared in print in 1905.

-The World Document for push-ups in 24 hours is 46,001 and is held by Charles Servizio (USA)

-There are at the least 82 completely different documented variations of Push Ups

-To the perfect of my recollection I’ve by no means misplaced a push-up problem.  Ever.

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