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The Barbarian Class has lastly been added to Baldur’s Gate 3, after we speculated it might be the following addition to the sport when Patch 7 was introduced. After Sorcerer was the final class to be added to the sport, and Druid previous to that, we assumed the following class would in-fact be a melee one. Barbarian is just about as melee as you may get, specializing in hard-hitting assaults bolstered by the Rage mechanic. Though some Barbarian sub-classes might be magic, the 2 sub-classes which were added to the sport are primarily melee targeted and harm dealing.

So, if you happen to’re not conversant in the Barbarian class, what do you have to count on?

Barbarian – The Tank

The everyday position for any Barbarian is the act because the tank, as they’re the one D&D class which have the very best common HP per degree. In addition they have an early-level buff to their AC, that means it’ll larger than the remainder of your occasion’s. While different lessons are likely to have an AC of 10 + their Dex modifier and any armour advantages. Barbarian’s AC is 10 + dex mod + con mod while you’re not sporting any armour.

Though, this does imply that you just’re going to have to be a little bit of a powerhouse. A Barbarian’s stats have to revolve round Energy and Structure, then Dexterity. The remainder are forfeit, therefore why you see so many ‘dumb Barbarians’ tropes. As a result of Intelligence tends to be the dump-stat.

However a robust Barbarian can flip the tide on any battle. In case you’re an avid D&D participant, and you’ve got a Barbarian in your occasion. I’ll guess that your DM used a villain to ‘Dominate Individual’ your Barbarian and practically worn out your total workforce. That’s how highly effective they’re! So having one in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll discover a definite shift in your favour as you sweep total hoards of Goblins apart.

Barbarian Talents

As you’ll solely have entry to the primary 4 ranges within the Early Entry, we’ll solely cowl the 4 ranges of talents for Barbarians.


In battle, you battle with primal ferocity. In your flip, you may enter a rage as a bonus motion.

Whereas raging, you achieve the next advantages if you happen to aren’t sporting heavy armor:

  • You’ve benefit on Energy checks and Energy saving throws.
  • While you make a melee weapon assault utilizing Energy, you achieve a bonus to the harm roll that will increase as you achieve ranges as a barbarian, as proven within the Rage Injury column of the Barbarian desk.
  • You’ve resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing harm.

If you’ll be able to solid spells, you may’t solid them or think about them whereas raging.

Your rage lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you’re knocked unconscious or in case your flip ends and also you haven’t attacked a hostile creature since your final flip or taken harm since then. You may also finish your rage in your flip as a bonus motion.

After you have raged the variety of occasions proven on your barbarian degree within the Rages column of the Barbarian desk, you will need to end a protracted relaxation earlier than you may rage once more.

Unarmored Protection

When you are not sporting any armor, your Armor Class equals 10 + your Dexterity modifier + your Structure modifier. You need to use a defend and nonetheless achieve this profit.

Reckless Assault

Beginning at 2nd degree, you may throw apart all concern for protection to assault with fierce desperation. While you make your first assault in your flip, you may determine to assault recklessly. Doing so provides you benefit on melee weapon assault rolls utilizing Energy throughout this flip, however assault rolls in opposition to you’ve benefit till your subsequent flip.

Hazard Sense

At 2nd degree, you achieve an uncanny sense of when issues close by aren’t as they need to be, supplying you with an edge if you dodge away from hazard.

You’ve benefit on Dexterity saving throws in opposition to results that you may see, similar to traps and spells. To realize this profit, you may’t be blinded, deafened, or incapacitated.

Primal Path

At third degree, you select a path that shapes the character of your rage. The Path of the Berserker is detailed on the finish of the category description, and extra primal paths can be found in different sources. Your selection grants you options at third degree and once more at sixth, tenth, and 14th ranges.

Capacity Rating Enchancment

While you attain 4th degree, and once more at eighth, twelfth, sixteenth, and nineteenth degree, you may improve one skill rating of your selection by 2, or you may improve two skill scores of your selection by 1. As regular, you may’t improve a capability rating above 20 utilizing this characteristic.

Utilizing the elective feats rule, you may forgo taking this characteristic to take a feat of your selection as a substitute.

Barbarian Primal Paths

Though in D&D, Barbarian has an entire assortment of sub-classes. In Baldur’s Gate 3, we’ve entry to the bottom 2 from the Participant’s Handbook. Berserker or Wildheart. Sadly, you’ll solely get entry to the primary skill at degree 3.

Path of the Berserker

For some barbarians, rage is a method to an finish—that finish being violence. The Path of the Berserker is a path of untrammeled fury, slick with blood. As you enter the berserker’s rage, you thrill within the chaos of battle, heedless of your individual well being or well-being.


Beginning if you select this path at third degree, you may go right into a frenzy if you rage. In case you achieve this, during your rage you can also make a single melee weapon assault as a bonus motion on every of your turns after this one. When your rage ends, you undergo one degree of exhaustion.

Path of the Wildheart

This can be a revamped model of the Path of the Totem Warrior. Regardless of the slight modifications, they’re just about the identical at their core.

The Path of the Totem Warrior is a non secular journey, because the barbarian accepts a spirit animal as information, protector, and inspiration. In battle, your totem spirit fills you with supernatural would possibly, including magical gas to your barbarian rage.

Most barbarian tribes contemplate a totem animal to be kin to a specific clan. In such instances, it’s uncommon for a person to have multiple totem animal spirit, although exceptions exist.

Spirit Seeker

Yours is a path that seeks attunement with the pure world, supplying you with a kinship with beasts. At third degree if you undertake this path, you achieve the power to solid the Beast Sense and Communicate with Animals spells, however solely as rituals.

Totem Spirit

At third degree, if you undertake this path, you select a totem spirit and achieve its characteristic. You need to make or purchase a bodily totem object – an amulet or related adornment – that comes with fur or feathers, claws, enamel, or bones of the totem animal. At your choice, you additionally achieve minor bodily attributes which can be paying homage to your totem spirit. For instance, you probably have a bear totem spirit, you may be unusually bushy and thick-skinned, or in case your totem is the eagle, your eyes flip shiny yellow.

Your totem animal may be an animal associated to these listed right here however extra applicable to your homeland. For instance, you could possibly select a hawk or vulture instead of an eagle.

Bear. Gives gamers with a self-heal.

Eagle. Introduces a dive-attack from above.

Elk. Presents you a Stampede rush-attack to flatten enemies.

Tiger. Presents a coned Cleave assault that inflicts bleeding.

Wolf. Lets you buff your allies utilizing a Pack Howl to assist them transfer additional throughout their flip.

Relying in your selection of coronary heart, you additionally get entry to totally different facial piercings that are just like the Sorcerer’s Draconic Bloodline scales. However you’re free to select any of the piercings or none in any respect.

D&D gamers will discover the variations between Wildheart and Totem Warrior. Although it’s value remembering, some elements of tabletop gaming won’t translate as properly into digital video games, or be too ‘damaged’. Then once more, that is Early Entry, so it would change subsequent patch and even sooner!

There you’ve it, the brand new feats to count on with the brand new Barbarian class! Go on the market and take a look at it for your self!

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