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Dune Spice Wars is the most recent RTS from Shiro Video games, printed by Funcom. Gamers leaping into the early entry launch are discovering a mix of RTS and 4X qualities, giving gamers a strong mixture of each worlds. Nonetheless, studying a brand new RTS or 4X is usually a lot. So, listed below are some Dune Spice wars ideas that may information you on the fitting path.

Dune Spice Wars Ideas

Beneath we are going to information you thru fairly a free Dune Spice Wars ideas, starting from micro and macro methods that can assist you in your approach.

Decide the faction for you

Picture by way of Shiro Video games / Funcom.

On the time of writing, there are 4 factions within the EA launch of Dune Spice Wars. These are:

  • Home Atreides
  • Harkonnen
  • Fremen
  • Smugglers

The most effective newbie faction is Atreides. Atreides have peaceable annexation of villages if you wish to study construct an empire. Additionally they have a good military and have a powerful status within the Landsraad, a type of council voting. It means that you may passively be taught the sport fairly effectively with this faction and see what’s on provide.

When you’re not into that, then Harkonnen is the military-focused faction. If you wish to take over the world, then run them. The Fremen are a bit extra superior however have cool options. We advocate enjoying the Fremen upon getting a couple of begins below your belt and have a greater thought. Lastly, the Smugglers are a extra covert and financial centered race. Once more, we advocate enjoying the Smugglers after having a couple of video games below your belt.

It’s also possible to take two councillors at the beginning of a sport. Decide which of them really feel extra such as you and be taught to get your personal playstyle, if that issues?

Get your Harvester

Getting your harvester as quickly as potential is essential. Use your Ornithopter to scout a close-by zone. Each beginning territory has one purple spice discipline in the event you zoom out on the map. Ship your Ornithopter over to the purple area (purple = spice), scout the village after which let it autopilot. Whereas the Ornithopter is scanning, you need to construct three items to be sure you have sufficient troops to take the close by village. Construct two melee items and one of many different items your faction begins off with. It is best to have the ability to take the primary spice settlement with out your items working out of provides. Upon takeover, your items can stand across the occupied village and refill their provide. You may then annex the village.

When you annex a village, you possibly can then begin constructing one of many two constructing slots. It will be greatest in the event you made a refinery instantly. Upon completion, it can spawn a Harvester. Deploy the harvester right away, and it’ll mechanically head to the spice deposit within the area and start accumulating your spice. That approach, you can begin accumulating spice for the primary tax date. This is without doubt one of the Dune Spice Wars ideas it’s essential grasp to keep away from your whole early sport fumbling.

The spice slider

You’ll discover a spice slider within the high left of the display. The spice slier is one thing it would be best to fiddle with all through the marketing campaign. When you’ve got an incredible Spice economic system, you possibly can stockpile as a lot Spice as you need. After you have sufficient saved to pay the Spice tax invoice simply, you possibly can then promote the spice to the shareholders for further Solari. That is a method that gamers will discover they will make lots of Solari. Placing a stability between managing your Salorai and your Spice stockpile for the taxman is essential to surviving the late sport, because the tax does get extra dear with each new tax interval.

Look ahead to Sand Worms

Dune Spice Wars Sand Worms
Sand Worms damage rather a lot in the event you don’t have fallback choices.

All through the sport, Sand Worms will seem around the globe. You may inform a Sand Worm is close by the rumbling dusty sand within the area. Additionally, you will get a pink alert within the high left portion of your display together with different prompts and notifications. In case your troops are within the space, attempt to steer them away, or recall your harvesters whether it is below one in every of them. One Dune Spice Wars tip is to pause the sport as you see a pink alert in your display. Get no matter is within the path of a sandworm, as s dropping a military, or a harvester could be extraordinarily harmful to your momentum.

Be suggested that Sand Worms can comply with troops as they transfer. If potential, get them to the closest bedrock to keep away from them getting devoured up as they transfer between areas. 

Develop your empire by getting a excessive wind space early

Dune Spice Wars regions
Construct Windtraps to offer your empire with water.

Water is a scarce useful resource on Arrakis. To get water, it’s essential construct a windtrap in a area. You may get extra water relying on the energy of the winds in that area. Discover the closest 4, 5, or 6 wind energy area to your beginning metropolis and declare it in your empire. You get three water per one wind energy within the area, that means that six wind areas get you 18 water, sufficient to assist three extra villages in your empire and a part of a military. Getting one in every of them earlier is large in your gameplay expertise.

If there isn’t any 5 or 6 in your metropolis’s quick proximity, then place a windtrap in one other fascinating location and increase straight to the primary 5 or 6 you see. You may then construct a wind collector there and watch as your water provide expands.

Watch the economic system

The economic system is an important a part of the 4X expertise on Dune Spice Wars. Creating buildings would require Solari and Plascrete upkeep, and constructing them will price each assets outright. We advocate discovering Plascrete and extremely helpful Solari areas to annex as you will want loads of area as constructing slots are restricted, and tech and hegemony unlock new buildings to get higher items and manufacturing buildings.

When an enemies economic system beats them

Constructing a big military in Dune Spice Wars may be very tough, because of the inhabitants useful resource and the price of funding them. It means you’re coping with small and compact armies for essentially the most half. Nonetheless, overwhelming enemies with items is a viable technique. One factor you are able to do is purpose for an enemy faction’s water producing villages and take from them. That approach, an enemy civilization will really feel the dearth of water, and rebellions can start It lets you fully cripple an enemy faction, permitting you to mop up the territory of a crippled enemy or watch as they fall behind the hegemony race.

Intel and Affect are necessary

Dune Spice Wars Intel
Use your intel to create programmes to assist defend and bolster your territory or weaken one other.

Intel is a crucial useful resource you generate that lets you use particular missions in sure areas. Maybe it drains provide faster when a marauding band of enemies walkthrough your terrain. It might be to stop battles, or permit you continue to produce assets from an space. Regulate your intel and stockpile missions in your wider grand technique, wherever that could be. 

As for affect, it would be best to generate that to maintain issues fascinating within the Landsraad. Generally there are detrimental buffs that exit. Chances are you’ll need to direct that in opposition to your opponent or use it to get your self a pleasant buff for a small time period. Different occasions could be free items to defend your capital, useful if you realize a siege is coming, or it could be making an attempt to combat in opposition to water sanctions that would cripple your empire?

Victory Situations

There are three victory circumstances in Dune Spice Wars:

  • Domination
  • Governor
  • Hegemony

Domination has two alternative ways to win. You may remove all of the enemy factions from the map. Alternatively, you possibly can assassinate by way of covert espionage. Then you might have Governorship, which is to carry onto the Governorship of Arrakis for 60 in-game days, which you vote on by way of the Landsraad. Lastly, there’s Hegemony. You accumulate Hegemony in some ways. You may get it by way of your Spice tax, Spice shares, conquering territory, beating enemy items, know-how progress, to call a couple of. It’s the victory situation for these in a impartial turtle place with no different clear approach of successful.

This concludes the Dune Spice Wars ideas information. Good luck capturing Arrakis! For extra content material, why not take a look at our Dune hub?

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