The best way to discover and loot a Minecraft Nether Fortress

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Discovering a Nether Fortress, whether or not you prefer it or not, is important to “finishing” a sport of survival Minecraft.

Whether or not you’re a completionist, a speedrunner, or simply working your approach by means of your Minecraft world slowly, the trail to the Ender Dragon all the time includes a visit by means of the Nether. Even if you happen to have been to stumble throughout a Stronghold by chance, you’ll nonetheless must fill within the Finish Portal with Eyes of Ender (Eye of Enders?), an merchandise with Blaze Powder within the crafting recipe. And if you happen to can’t discover the Stronghold, then Eyes of Ender will information your approach. Both approach, you’ll want Blaze Powder, which may solely be obtained from a Nether Fortress.

A Minecraft Nether Fortress in a Basalt Delta

How do I discover a Fortress in The Nether?

The difficulty with this, particularly for speedrunners or those that battle within the terrifying panorama that’s The Nether, is that Fortresses are usually not all the time that simple to seek out. Not like Woodland Mansions or Ocean Monuments, there isn’t any map to information you in your approach, and in contrast to Lush Caves, there isn’t any landmark marking its spot. No, as a substitute, you’ll simply need to journey by means of the recent, harmful underworld till you discover one.

Nether Fortress Era

Having mentioned that, it would assist to a minimum of know what you’re searching for and the way they generate. Firstly, Nether Fortresses spawn in the identical approach as The Nether Replace’s Bastion Remnants. When producing, the world will break up The Nether into sections of 368 by 368 blocks in Java Version and 416 by 416 in Bedrock. There’s then a border 64 blocks vast between these sections. A Nether Fortress or Bastion Remnant then has an opportunity of spawning in every of those sections, weighted in direction of Bastion Remnants. In accordance with the Minecraft Wiki, there’s solely a 40% probability of a Fortress spawning as a substitute of a Bastion Remnant in Java Version, and 33.3% in Bedrock.

Minecraft Nether Fortress Bastion
A Minecraft Nether Fortress getting into a Bastion Remnant

Which Biomes Can Have A Nether Fortress?

Nether Fortresses, not like Bastion Remnants, can generate in any Nether Biome, due to this fact, you don’t must keep away from any biomes when searching for a Fortress. The completely different biomes in The Nether are:

  • Nether Wastes
  • Basalt Delta
  • Crimson Forest
  • Warped Forest
  • Soul Sand Valley

What Y-level is a Nether Fortress?

A Nether Fortress may be discovered at most Y-axis, because it stretches to the underside of The Nether. If there’s a whole lot of house beneath the Fortress, for instance if it spawns over a lava ocean, it’ll generate with Nether Brick pillars extending to the bottom.

Nether Fortress Construction and Blocks

The perfect factor to keep in mind when searching for a Nether Fortress is that they’re manufactured from Nether Brick. Imagine it or not, this darkish pink brick variant does stand out amongst different Nether blocks, even in Crimson Forests. Due to this fact it’s a good suggestion to be sure you’re retaining an eye fixed out for any Nether Brick on the horizon or poking out of Netherrack. As a Fortress may be largely lined in Netherrack, that is one of the best ways to be sure you don’t miss one.

Nether Fortress Construction

A Nether Fortress has a few completely different rooms that may generate inside it, however are usually not assured. These are the place you’re going to need to go for the primary, Nether Fortress-exclusive loot. If you happen to come throughout a staircase room, this could home Nether Wart at both aspect of the steps. That is the one place, aside from Bastion Remnant Housing Models, to loot Nether Wart, required for brewing.

The opposite primary location in a Nether Fortress is its Blaze Spawner rooms. As anticipated, every of those homes one Blaze Spawner, on the high of a brief staircase, and the room itself can typically be lined by Netherrack.

A Nether Fortresses lengthy, linked hallways, then again, is likely to be full of roaming Zombie Piglins and Wither Skeletons, in addition to some loot chests.

Minecraft Nether Fortress Nether Wart
A Fortress Nether Wart farm room

Mobs present in a Nether Fortress


Blazes are the primary mob you’re after in a Minecraft Survival world. As talked about on the high of the information, you want Blaze Powder to be able to craft an Eye of Ender, important in finding and opening the portal to The Finish. Blaze Powder itself is crafted from Blaze Rods, dropped from killing Blazes.

Blaze are a tough mob to cope with, although, so that you’ll should be ready. The easiest way to defend in opposition to their fireballs is with a Fireplace Resistance Potion, which can mean you can simply go proper as much as them and hit them with a sword or axe with out concern of demise. With out it, you’ll should be extra methodical. Firstly, you may take a bow and hit them with a ranged assault. Nevertheless, The Blaze’s assault can be ranged, so that you’ll nonetheless need to shield in opposition to it. The simplest methodology for that is merely to construct a pillar you’ll be able to duck behind.

Every Blaze killed can drop 1 Blaze Rod, however it might not drop any. Killing a Blaze with a Looting-enchanted Sword will trigger the Blaze to drop 0-4 Blaze Rods.

Minecraft Nether Fortress Blaze Spawner

Wither Skeleton

If you happen to’re an actual completionist, you won’t be right here for the Blazes, however to spawn a Wither. A Wither is one other Boss mob, just like the Ender Dragon, however is spawned manually by the participant and isn’t essential to get to The Finish. Nevertheless, if you happen to simply need to tackle The Wither for the achievement or bragging rights, then you definately’ll want three Wither Skulls, dropped hardly ever from Wither Skeletons.

Wither Skeletons don’t hit very laborious and solely carry Stone Swords, but when they do hit you, gives you the Wither impact, which reduces your well being over time, right down to half a coronary heart, so that you’ll nonetheless need to watch out. Once more, strive hitting them at vary with a bow to allow them to’t get shut sufficient to hit you with the Wither impact.

Wither Skulls are an extremely uncommon drop, with solely 2.5% probability of dropping. In accordance with the Minecraft Wiki, the Looting enchantment will increase the prospect by 1% per stage‌ (Java Version) or 2% per stage‌ (Bedrock Version), for a most of 5.5%‌ or 8.5%‌ respectively with Looting III, however after all this require killing them with an enchanted Sword. Their cranium is all the time dropped if killed by a Charged Creeper.

Minecraft Nether Fortress Wither Skeleton

Zombified Piglin

As with the remainder of The Nether, additionally, you will very possible come throughout Zombie Piglins as you discover Nether Fortresses. As ordinary, they’re a impartial mob, however you’ll need to be particularly cautious to not hit one by mistake if you end up battling Wither Skeletons or Blazes, as even an unintended hit will trigger all close by Zombie Piglins to activate you.

Minecraft Nether Fortress Zombie Piglin

Nether Fortress Loot

In addition to Blaze Rods, Wither Skeletons and Nether Wart, you could find different useful loot as you discover the halls of a Nether Fortress. Chests may be discovered lining the corridors, containing such valuable and uncommon gadgets as Diamonds, Diamond Horse Armor and Saddles.

Merchandise Probability
Gold Ingot 49%
Saddle 35.3%
Golden Horse Armor 29.1%
Nether Wart 19%
Iron Ingot 19%
Diamond 19%
Flint and Metal 19%
Iron Horse Armor 19%
Golden Sword 19%
Golden Chestplate 19%
Diamond Horse Armor 11.8%
Obsidian 8%

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